Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fear is In


One of my predictions below has already manifested and in full bloom.  Fear is in.  Suddenly we need extreme measures to protect our self from destruction. There are enemies everywhere. Especially the Muslims. A goodly number of people in this country are firmly convinced that Muslims are the manifestation of evil on the earth. That their book teaches them that it's ok to kill in the name of Islam. That their goal is to destroy our culture by imposing Sharia law etc. That they want to kill us all and the only option is to destroy them first.  On the other side there are a notable number of people that think Americans are the manifestation of evil on earth. That Americas goal is to impose their will and destroy their culture. They see our religion as capitalism and imperialism and think its infecting the entire planet so to wipe it out is the only option. So basically all you need is to put a turban on the Americans or a baseball cap on the Muslims and they become everything they hate. They are both fighting the same thing in their own context. Many in this country insist that if Muslims aren't evil where are the moderates speaking out? They are, but if it isn't on the news you watch you won't know. Looking from both sides, if there are radicals preaching death and destruction in this country shouldn't people here also be speaking out? I don't think that it makes one weak or a poor American to push back on radicalism.

Are there things to fear? Certainly. As I said, there are a goodly number of Muslims that believe the above. The question is how to fight it. We are the big dog on the block so if we don't take the first step others will have no options. The first thing we need to do is realize that Islam is not our enemy. Most Muslims are not bent on destroying our way of life anymore than the idea that most Americans are bent on imperialism. There are many steps we can take to protect ourselves but responding to terror with fear is a losing plan.

The second thing to consider is the primary motivator of violence in the middle east. It's a Shia/Sunni battle. Do you know the difference in the two? Do you know around what percentage represent each group or what countries are one or the other? If we are facing a problem wouldn't it be good to understand it? Once you understand it do you think we as Christians are going to solve it? Would we be open to a solution to Christian problems between Protestants and Catholics by Muslims?

Thirdly, it's time to get a real understanding of the fear. While we have had attacks the terrorists would have to go some to keep up with what we face everyday in this country. We kill well over 10 thousand of each other every year, year after year, it's pretty much a guarantee. We seem to only be terrified of 'the other'.

So what is the answer? What do we need to do? I think once we get the big picture of what is going on that is a topic worthy of discussion. Without the big picture though you are spinning your wheels. The only thing I am full convinced of at this point is that a knee jerk reaction isn't going to cut it.

Finally, while it is rather lengthy(45 min), I strongly, strongly encourage you to take some time somewhere to watch the video above. It is a room full of actual Muslims talking about their faith. Getting it from the source is a good way to get realistic understanding.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Nostraronmus- See The Future Now


Donald Trump and the Republicans are the game now. Let me make some predictions on things that lie ahead. First and foremost, patriotism, nationalism and respect for our leaders will be in. If you don't do that you will be a shameful American. Criticism will be tantamount to treason. I remember during Cheney/Bush if you didn't support the Commander and Chief and his war plan you didn't support the troops and were aiding the enemy. Of course when Obama became President the words Commander and Chief never crossed their lips and that whole President/troops thing was out too. But it is back in again. Patriotism on their terms will be a necessity.

After 8 years of no government sanctioned fear mongering fear will be back . It's big for '17. There will soon be all kinds of things to fear. Of course we must fight all these fears at any cost. It's more important to build a wall or build more military implements than it is to help our own citizens or make improvements to our country. Fear paralyzes you so you notice nothing else. Which leads to what comes next.

They will be enriching the richest of the rich while telling you it is freedom. Their freedom will turn out to be mostly freedom for business and corporations and not for individuals or workers. I readily agree that government is deeply lacking right now all around but diminishing the power of government diminishes the influence of your vote or even elections as a whole. I don't want total government control but I want it to shape our society and not corporations and banksters.

200 dollars in tax cuts for you and 200 million for Dons crowd.

More things privatized for more cost to you and more profit for them. Up first, more toll roads.

It's all coming your way. Nostraronmus has seen...Besides they are totally predictable if nothing else.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Trump, The Exceptional President

Donald Trump may be our most exceptional President yet. Wait, hear me out now. Most of us have agreed to live under the rule of law. As in: The government and its officials and agents as well as individuals and private entities are accountable under the law. More on the rule of law. But now it seems to be something to ignore. It's the time for exceptions. Everybody shows their taxes so we can see where and who your beneficial interests are? Nope, we are making an exception. The law prohibits nepotism but that one is out too. We are making an exception. The emoluments clause to the Constitution and the mountain of conflicts of interest. A problem for all other politicians but for Don, making an exception. "But what is he gonna do!" they cry. He shouldn't be prohibited from being President because he is successful.  Actually if he can't fulfill all the requirements under the rule of law then yes he should be prohibited. Pick one or the other. 
The idea that the President, as the image to the world from our country should represent, at the least represent, some agreed morals and values is apparently dead. Or are we just making an exception? If Barack Obama performed like Don did at his first press conference he would have been labeled the angry black man. If Ted Cruz would have done it he would have been the angry white male. But apparently we are making an exception for orange.
Don has said and done things that no other person from Mike Pence and Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders,  would be allowed to get away with. Be it not liking soldiers who get captured to banning religions to killing terrorists families. But Don gets an exception. We even have to break the law to confirm his Defense Secretary(who actually might be one of his better choices otherwise). We are making an exception for Don. Seems the only way he can even operate is with exceptions. That is why I call Donald J. Trump the EXCEPTIONal President.